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All walks are available for private groups or a special occasion. Group Walk Gift Voucher also available - personal interests can be included within reason. 

Walbrook springs eternal ...
Photo: Steve Duncan
'Walbrook where art thou?'
Meet : Moorgate Underground Station (Brittanic House exit)
Ends: Millienium Bridge (this may vary)
Duration: 1.5 hours
In search of the one of the lost rivers of London. Learn how the Roman's adapted it. How it's course dictated the footprint of the streets  we walk  today. Why three livery companies shared its banks. Discover the harbour and enjoy the finds of the archaeological dig at Bucklersbury. Locate the end of it's journey to the Thames and decide for yourself whether it is lost or just hiding.  

Secret Gardens & Public Spaces

Meet: St Paul's Underground Station
Ends: New Change
Duration: 1.5 hours approx

Come walk with me and visit the familiar, unusual and hidden parks and gardens of the City. Some you may have enjoyed before but the whole story is not always immediately obvious. Come and learn about how they came into existence and why they are so important to the City of London. Hear the names and stories of special trees, garden designs and botanical explorers plus much more. 

The histories and stories change with the seasons!

City Walk - Women through time - Inspiring Change
Meet: Guildhall Yard
Ends: St Paul's Underground Station
Duration: 1.5 hours approx

The women you will meet and get to know on this walk covers a period over 1500 years, some you will have heard of, but there are others you have not. From the infamous to the little known, the royal or poor, the bright and the beautiful, each and every one of these women have left their mark, not in a physical sense necessarily, no monument, for some not even a written word, but once met not forgotten.  Their stories re-emerge time and time again, ‘gaining momentum’ and are an example to all women of how, through time and history, their ‘gender’ is their strength!

Women of Fleet Street - Against all odds!
Meet: Twinings Tea Shop, 216 The Strand, WC2R 1AP
Ends: Ludgate Hill (Blackfriars Station)
Duration: 1.5 hours approx

Kind Permission of  Museum of Docklands
Photograph : Christine Broom
The women you will meet and discover on this walk forged their careers in what was very much a man's world, some you will have heard of, but there are others you have not. From the infamous to the little known, the rich and the poor, the bright and the beautiful, each and every one of these women have left their mark, not in a physical sense necessarily, no monument, for some not even a written word, but once met not forgotten. 

Fish, Flesh, Fasting and Feasting - AD43 - 1603

Meet: London Bridge Station (Tooley Street exit)
Ends: Cheapside (New Change)
Duration: 1.5 hours approx

A food and drink walk through the centuries, what people ate and drank, how it ruled their lives, and how it got to the table, if you had one that is! Streets still keep the names of the trade which was originally carried on there, the Roman's feasted, Saxons introduced etiquette and laws were passed at Guildhall on how and who was to drink what and when!

St Mary Woolnoth and the famous clock in the distance!
 (Photo credit:  N Quentin Woolf)
The Wasteland by T S Eliot
A reading of the famous poem whilst exploring the streets of the City of London.  Seeking out the streets and places that may have been an inspiration to the poet. The walk will involve reading of parts of the poem at relevant spots in the City, particularly 'III The Fire Sermon' which uses street names and places in the Square Mile, all too familiar to T S Eliot.
Some insight and explanation of the poem, and it’s supposed meanings, will be offered and audience participation is welcome in furthering our enjoyment and understanding of this famous piece. We will of course also gain from visiting some historic sites en route.
'I wandered, O my God, too much astray from Thee my stay,
in these days of my youth and I became to myself a waste land.'
Confessions of St Augustine - Book II

A previous post, a podcast and Londonist Review you will find here

Meet: The Monument Underground Station
Ends: St Paul's Churchyard
Duration: 2 hours approx

Geoffrey Chaucer &
The Canterbury Tales

Geoffrey Chaucer, whose Canterbury Tales share...
Geoffrey Chaucer,
(Photo credit: Wikipedia)
From pageboy to the Duchess of Ulster, courtier to Customs Officer, well-travelled and a poet, who chose to write in English, an extraordinarily radical choice for the time, then a second language, if not the third in a French speaking court.
The Canterbury Tales and a selection of the characters will be referred to throughout the walk to compare the lives of the many who lived in the City and without, their dress, their habits, what they ate and the manners of the period. 
Also to discover why the annual pilgrimage to Canterbury was so important to the people of the time.

Starts: Bank Station
Ends: Mansion House Underground Station
Duration: 1.5 hours approx

City Sampler – Civic History – A taste of why and how the City became what it is and how it continues to evolve today. The walk to include:
Temple Bar, Paternoster Square, Greyfriars Christchurch, King Edward Street, Postman's Park, Aldersgate, Gresham Street and Goldsmiths Hall, Guildhall Yard & Guildhall, Ironmonger Lane & Poultry, Mansion House, Royal Exchange, Bank of England, Cheapside & St Mary le Bow plus New Change.

The idea of this walk is to introduce you in a simple and informative way of the many levels of history that make up the City today. Hopefully it will leave you wanting to know more, perhaps about specific elements or ALL of it! Start & End points to be arranged.

The Tudors Reviled and admired in equal measure, but never ignored! Since the excellent dramatisation of Hilary Mantel's 'Wolf Hall', the interest in where the major players lived, worked and died has made the City of particular interest. Start & End point to be agreed.

Clerkenwell & Smithfield Walk - Always a place of fascination and interest from jousting to execution, trade to debauchery, William Wallace to Sherlock Holmes. All this before we even begin on the historic buildings!
Meet: Barbican Underground
Ends: Farringdon Station
Duraton: 1.5. hours approx

Chaos Management - Post Great Fire of London 1666
How did the City of London rise up from the devastation of the Fire of London? What plans were mooted, how did the merchants recover and what happened to poor folk? Perhaps surprisingly for the time or not, as the case may be there, plans were put in place fast to rebuild, regulate and recompense the huge losses suffered. Start & End to be agreed.

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  1. It felt like a bit of a gamble to arrange a private walk with Miss B for some of my family as a Christmas present, but we've just had our City Sampler walk (a present that you join in on!) and everyone loved it. Tina has an amazing knowledge of the City of London and made sure there was something for everyone in our group -- some history, art, architecture -- with handy tips about pubs and cocktail bars along the way. Now everyone wants to do more of Tina's walks. You wouldn't believe the history of the pineapple..........

  2. Hi Miss B, do you have an email address I could contact you on?