Friday, 21 December 2012

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

MissB calling! A busy time ending one chapter and beginning a new one!  Very excited about my new career as a full-time City of London Guide!  Originally a retirement plan but due to redundancy has been brought forward considerably sooner.  However, it was the push I needed and now looking forward with great excitement to 2013.

I have not been idle whilst not blogging. There are great plans afoot. January will be free walks with Footprints of London . So please take a look and come and try out some of these excellent walks with qualified guides in intimate groups!

February walks will be up by the end of the year with the same group, plus one or two of my own ideas. Still need to find the time to work on 'Fish & Flesh, Fasting and Feasting' how the City fed itself from AD43 to 1608!  Yes a big project and it continues to expand, so may be created in chapters. Bread alone can constitute a whole walk and don't even mention spices!

March brings a brilliant project with a ladies' business network and a special date - International Women's Day - I will be taking a walk to talk about the famous, infamous, known and unknown women of the City of London!

Thank you dear readers and followers for all your support and comments and look forward to your continued interest throughout 2013!

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