Friday, 22 March 2013

Women Through Time - their gender their strength

This walk was launched yesterday and was commissioned by Jackie Groundsell of the 1230 The Women's Company to celebrate International Women's Day.

I would also like to extend a special THANK YOU to Mikaela Ioannou - Studying photography at University of East London and her colleagues who used the walk as the subject of their documentary. All film, photographs and interviews will be available to view at their exhibition in April, details to follow.

MissB outside Guildhall
(c) 1230 TWC

This year’s theme  is ‘The Gender Agenda: Gaining Momentum', initially I thought this would be a difficult one to weave into a walk in the City. In my researches over the last year I have come across many incredible women who are connected to the City of London and what springs to mind is ‘the power within’, when a woman sets her mind to do something, there is nothing going to stop her!

The women you will meet and get to know on this walk covers a period over 1500 years, some you will have heard of, but there are others you have not. From the infamous to the little known, the queenly and the poor, the bright and the beautiful, each and every one of these women have left their mark, not in a physical sense necessarily, no monument, for some not even a written word, but once met not forgotten.  Their stories re-emerge time and time again, ‘gaining momentum’ and are an example to all women of how, through time and history, their ‘gender’ is their strength!

These lovely ladies guessed who
they might 'meet' on the walk.
(c) 1230 TWC

I welcome the opportunity of introducing and re-introducing these extraordinary ladies to you as this walk will now be available for booking. 

£10 per person
Concessions available
Organisations please contact me by e-mail if you would like specific dates.

Mobile : 07963778213

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