Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Court of Common Council - 16th May 2013

The the third and final reading of the Bill for an Act of Common Council -
To: Make further provision for the qualification of candidates for the office of Alderman of the City of London - it was carried at 13.15 today.

The reservations were raised again as to undo things that are fundamental to their (the Aldermen) preservation. The difference between the roles of Court of Aldermen and of the Court of Common Council becomes closer. Also the loss of an essential judicial link etc etc. However the speaker was unable to offer a suitable compromise. For - The Chairman of the Policy & Resources felt that the role had moved on since 1215 (Magna Carta) and the primary purpose of the Aldermen is to produce Lord Mayors! 

The Act is not necessarily for all time and the electorate require a system that works now, it is not a perfect solution but the present system in not sustainable. So there we have it, an Aldermen in the future will not require to be a JP. My personal view is that they will come to regret this as there may be more 'chaff than wheat'.

Applications for Freedom this month also included:

His Excellency Anton Meinrad Fredrich Thalmann - a Diplomat
Sir Peter Maxwell Davies, Kt., CBE - Master of the Queen's Music
Clare Victoria Balding - a Television and Radio Presenter

Ending on a high note, a joy to read a line such as this :-

From time immemorial there has existed and still exists in the City of London ("the City") a Common Council consisting of the Lord Mayor, Aldermen and Commons in Common Council assembled etc etc 
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