Saturday, 21 December 2013

Queenhithe Volunteer Walk - Photographs by Bruno Rondinelli

The Ward of Queenhithe - City of London

The start at site of Boss Lane and an ancient private pier
Now under a concrete pile cap at steps to St Peter's Hill

Once Paul's Wharf close to a small parish church often referred to as St Peter Parva (the little)

Best foot forward

View to towards Tate Modern from the North Bank

Stew Lane once a public stair to catch the ferries to Southwark

The bollards of the City of London exit from Stew Lane

On the pedestrian bridge over Upper Thames Street explaining
 the shoreline of the River Thames in days gone by

Wear them with pride

An unusual quiet moment on Upper Thames Street on our
way to Huggin Hill

Cleary Gardens - a three tiered timeline.
Going backwards World War II/Victorian level
Medieval Vintners storage and vineyard
Roman Baths beneath Senate House

Up against it - outside the Livery Hall of the Paynters and Stayners

Vivien Malloch's bronze - Barge Master & Swan

St James Garlickhythe - where garlic was unloaded in C14th

Connection to the Vinters Company

Gathering cygnets for Swan Upping!

Richard Whittington Lord Mayor of London lived nearby

St Michael Paternoster Royal - base for the Seaman's Mission
and burial place of Richard Whittington (sans cat)

Outside Innholders Hall
This walk is part of the South Bank Mosaic project to create the Queenhithe Timeline along the defence wall at the dock of the same name. Completion date to be announced in 2014.

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