Sunday, 19 January 2014

New Hang of the London Gallery - Guildhall Art Gallery

Left: Blackfriars Bridge and St Paul's (1995) Anthony Lowe b.1957
Centre: Smithfield Market, 1969 Jacqueline Stanley (b. 1928)
Right: The Stock Exchange, London about 1966 Roderick Jordan (1931-    )
Now the Victoriana ~ The Art of Revival Exhibition has been laid to rest, this gallery has  been transformed back into the London Gallery.  

Paintings long in storage are now seeing the light of day, the old mixed with new. An excellent selection from a guiding point of view as they include prominent landmark stops throughout London.

For those of us who have missed the great visual aid to explain some of the City's governance, The Ceremony of Swearing in Alderman Nathaniel Newman 1782 by William Miller  is now hung in Level A1 on the floor for Special Exhibitions and the long awaited arrival of the 'half' canvas Fire Judge is placed nearby.

Have no fear, Queen Victoria's Diamond Jubilees Service June 22nd by Andrew Garrick Gow is hung in the same gallery, always interesting and the endless guessing game continues as to 'who is who'!

The long awaited 'half' Fire Judge
Sir William Wylde, Bart., Judge of the Common Pleas (1611-1679)
John Michael Wright

Landscape 715 (2003-4)
John Virtue b. 1947

Market Arcade (1988) Ben Johnson B.1946

Bombed ruins near St Paul's 
James Wallace Robert Orr (b. 1907)

Portrait Group  (traditionally identified as Sir Theodore Janssen and sons) c1720
William Hogarth (possibly) (1697-1764)

The Atkinson Grimshaw has been placed in a new position so this lovely 'moonlight' painting can be admired from a satisfying distance.

Please go and see this new hang, there are many more new paintings to see.

All photographs taken by MissB.

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  1. It is well worth going to enjoy these new paintings and admire the careful way they have been hung. For me, the star attraction is Ben Johnson's stunning study based upon the roof of Smithfield Market. It's a wonderful combination of a contemporary representation of this amazing Victorian roof; the marriage of old and new that you can find everywhere in this great City.