Friday, 5 June 2015

Beech Gardens, Barbican - Picture Update

This last week has been amazing, well I'm very lucky at least one week in everymonth is filled with something about history, gardens or gourmet delights, this week is no exception, but I must focus on Beech Gardens.

The Blog below was without updated photographs of the Nigel Dunnett Garden and I managed to get round to it on sunny Tuesday this week, before attending a meeting on the 34th floor of the Launderdale Tower, so we also have a view down in to it too.

I will be there on Saturday 13th June to meet the group for Open Garden Square Weekend who will be joining the talk by Louisa Allen of City of London Corporation Open Spaces.  If you cannot book on to this the area is accessible to the public so you can always walk through it on your way to another fascinating green space in the City.

Now for photos!

The pool is a work in progress and the planting will be designed by Nigel Dunnett

Not part of the planting but too lovely to miss - Eastwards

From the 34th floor of Lauderdale House

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