Friday, 22 June 2012

Developing the City Exhibition

St Pauls reflected in New Change
An excellent architectural exhibition has just opened at The Walbrook Building, opposite Cannon Street station. Entry is free and it is open Tuesday to Sunday 11.00 - 17.30. There is also a very good free fold out A3 handout with map and small illustrations of 77 building in the City and 4 in Canary Wharf. More details are available on .
The exhibition will close 9 September 2012. The exhibition includes the very large Piper model that normally resides in the City Marketing Suite at the Guildhall.

The architectural walks on the latest website are as follows:
Sat 23 June 11.00 City East - Caroline Dale
Sat 23 Jun 14.00 City West - David T
Sun 24 Jun 11.00 London Bridge and Southwark - Paul T
Sun 24 Jun 14.00 City East - CD
Mon 25 Jun 11.00 City West - PT
Mon 25 Jun 14.00 City East - DT
Tues 26 Jun 11.00 City West - CD
Wed 27 Jun 18.00 City West - DT
Thu 28 Jun 11.00 City East - PT
All walks can be booked online or at The Walbrook
This item courtesy of my Course Leader Paul Taylor

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