Monday, 25 June 2012

Sunday in the Square Mile

Sunday 24th June:
Goldsmiths' Hall
Gold: Power & Allure Exhibition

The Goldsmiths' were a bit shell-shocked when I arrived they had had 2500 visitors on Saturday!
I knew the hall was going to be spectacular, but it was in fact much covered up for another spectacular, spectacular!  The exhibition about Gold! It was beautiful, lots of information and some exquisite pieces from as long ago as 2400 AD. No words can do it justice, you will have to go and see it for yourself. I will certainly go again with my notebook as it was full of interesting information through the ages. It is on until 28th July. Closed Sundays in future. You will requested to leave coat and bag in Cloakroom (no charge).  (no photographs allowed)

St Mary le Bow, Cheapside - Talk by the Rector at 13.00 (free)
The Rector gives an exciting and amusing talk about every aspect of this lovely Wren church. He brings it's history to life and the characters that made sure that the church still exists today. You start in the undercroft (what it actually is) or 'crypt' as everyone insists on calling it (the Rector says) then you move into the main body of the church. Famous also for its musical events.

Developing the City - One visit to this exhibition will not do. Huge blow ups of old prints, paintings, maps and plans. You just don't want to leave, the huge model is also something to behold. There are also architect's models of other buildings developed or in planning to be seen. Some good literature to collect too.
There is a kids area also with lots of paper and colouring to be getting on with while parents browse.

Barbican Tour (pre booked)  (Tel: 0207 638 8891) (90 minutes)
So pleased I booked as it was over subscribed but Lucy our small and bouncy guide did'nt mind having a few more along. She spoke very fast and it took a while to get used to her, but her voice was clear and she was certainly articulate about the architecture, if not quite grasping the social ethos behind it.  It is interesting how 'social housing' and 'council housing' mean different things to people now. However that said it was a great walk, and explored a few places I had'nt managed to get to yet, including the Conservatory. It was comprehensive, and explained well a complex development.

Did'nt make it to the Bauhaus Exhibition but went to visit some friends of mine who have recently moved into the Barbican, Willoughby House, a duplex. After a lovely glass of sparkly, I received the grand tour. A beautiful apartment, over three floors,  kitchen and dining room look over the lake and gardens, with the bedrooms below with a balcony with a view of the Gherkin, Tower 42 et al. The living room is on the top floor under the crescent shaped roof, another balcony with a wall  a parapet with a narrow slit in it, for shooting ducks I think (only joking!). It was sublime, it was sunny, it was fabulous.

Walking on air when I left, just in time to reach Cheapside to see New Change in a new colour!

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