Thursday, 2 August 2012

Rothschilds Bank - New Court

Update: Had a message back from the Archives at Rothschild Bank - sadly the drawing by SRJ of New Court cannot be published as it is the property of the Bank. They kindly sent me an attachment of the picture, but not allowed to use.

Large Arched entrance to court yard, cobbled and paved. Rusticated throughout ground floor, arched windows. pilasters between each.  Main door with semi circle series of steps to main double door (nearly has high as windows) to left of arch. Balustrading to first floor oblong, tall windows with pediment over, top floor small square windows. Would imagine this side is reflected on the opposite side of the court. Section facing arch has massive Tuscan columns raised on a platform with stone steps either end. The eaves of the roof are stepped and decorated (Italianate?). Indication of a deep basement by tops of window lights apparent below yard level. An elegant fortification.  A booklet is one its way to me with details of the three buildings erected on this site. Request a copy via  Please note the details/pictures therein are not for publication.

Rothschild Building - New Court - View to back of St Stephan Walbrook, showing landscaped garden, courtesy of the bank. Difficult to gain access, the security is fierce as it is private land.

Look out for the enamel sign of the Five Arrows,  the original sign from the 1860's building. An interesting history, please see link below.

Also see Sydney R Jones Page where he comments about New Court whilst preparing a pen and ink drawing for the Bankers.

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