Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Sydney R Jones (1881-1966) - London Triumphant

An exhibition of his work will be at this gallery from 29th September to 3rd November 2012.

I am giving Sydney R Jones a Page all to himself, so I can extract some of his writings in connection with my own discoveries and walks through London.

Fishmongers Hall and John Rennie's London Bridge
by Sydney R Jones
A dear friend has given me a wonderful old book full of drawings of pre-War London by S R Jones.

The sketches are beautiful, and especially some of the views of the City where you can see the old street patterns and the buildings that were there before the bombing by the 'Huns' as Mr Jones puts it.


This link is from another admirer of the same author and artist. I hope to expand on this post in the near future with some further anecdotes and drawings.

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  1. The photograph I am using in my banner was taken in 1831, the drawing by SRJ just before the outbreak of WWII.