Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Verdi, Space Ships and Steam Trains!

The Guildhall
Miss B was at the Guildhall last night for her first concert in one her favourite buildings it the City. Concert of Verdi's Requiem Mass by EC4Music Orchestra and Choir. There is not a picture or words that can describe the evening, suffice to say it was mesmerizing, almost tantric (usually only get this way when dancing Tango with a great partner!). The concert was in aid of the Lord Mayor's Appeal so full to the galleries (well almost).

On my way to get the bus was amazed at the colour of the sky over St Paul's Cathedral, nearly missed the bus because I was snapping away madly! The iPhone doesnt always get it right first time! So missed spotting the flying object to the left of the tower of St Paul's Cathedral School! Hopefully they are just passing through!  On arrival at Waterloo, there was another association with cathedrals! This time a steam train; I really love steam, and this beauty was surrounded by admirers (or anoraks) and had to push my way through to get this picture. No, MissB will not be held back from her target!

The excitement was all too much and took ages to get to sleep.  Also, before I forget to mention it, I had started the evening by taking part in the AGM of City of London Guides Lecturers' Association, which I have just joined, and who look after the City of London Guides interests. I obviously missed most of it, but from what I did hear and see, I am looking forward to many more meetings with these dedicated people. Also, note to self, DO NOT be tempted to get too involved!

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