Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Twitter, Favourites and Holidays

MissB is now on Twitter as MissB, so if you Twitter please Follow me, thank you! It is not like me to be without something to say, but I am finding Tweeting quite difficult. However, have made some new Tweet friends, and just gently breaking myself in.

Also added to my favourites, IanVisits, is very funny on Twitter, so is LudgateLarry, but that is another story.  A fellow Guide has just launched his website and joined Twitter around the same time as me, Tour De Force London, great walks by John. Wonderful voice and great presence, try out the Jack the Ripper walk.

Also MissB is going to warmer climes for a few weeks. A small island which was connected to London in several ways! Hope to create a daily diary of my adventures, with relevant connections back to Old England.

Enjoy the Olympics, back in two!

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