Monday, 26 November 2012

Guildhall Art Gallery - First Exam - TONIGHT!

One Hundred Quick Questions in under an hour!

Did an 'at home' quick test and managed 139 out of 150 in under 45 minutes. Two of those were wrong because I DID NOT READ THE QUESTION! So feeling quietly confident that I will definitely get the 50% pass mark. Really it's a personal badge of honour not to get any wrong, but we have to use FULL NAMES so there is a chance I will get some the names mixed up, or invent new ones. Here are some I have to remember:

John Singleton Copley 'The Defeat of the Floating Batteries Gibralter (September 3th 1782)'
Sir Lawrence Alma-Tadema 'The Pyrrhic Dance' 1869
George Frampton 'Bust of Queen Mary'
J R Dixie
Atkinson Grimshaw
Andrew Garrick Gow
Charles Gassiot
Harold Samuel (this is not on the list but will come up I just know it will!)
John Everett Whistler
John Boydell

Then we have (I can remember the names but then you have to assign them to their rightful work):
Richard Gilbert Scott
Sir Giles Gilbert Scott
Sir George Gilbert Scott

The Pre Raphaelite Brotherhood : OK you run them through your head .... answers at end!
Plus they must be correctly spelt!

There's loads more, actually thinking about this, it would make a great game. Use the different parts of person's name on a card and you have to make them match correctly then the artwork!

From this evening I also have to work on 24 stops, 22 of them paintings (plus a link to a.n. other painting). That's 2 stops over 12 days.  So hope to keep you informed daily as to what I am studying in my quest to absorb sufficient information for the grand finale on 8th and/or 9th December.

Did anyone spot the deliberate mistake?

Answers: Dante Gabriel Rossetti, William Holman Hunt, John Everett Millais

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  1. How did it go, you ask? Even though I say so myself, I know I had the first fifty covered, therefore a pass. Should have over 90 'ticks'. So very pleased with myself.