Monday, 12 November 2012

Lord Mayor's Show 10th November 2012

What a weekend!

My Saturday started very early with breakfast at the Guildhall, not with the Lord Mayor, he was far too busy getting ready for his day ahead, but with the City of London Historians. We had a grandstand view from our dining room as the horse trailer arrived and those beautiful gentle beasts were walked out to the Yard, covered in sand (as is the route) for their comfort.

The Lord Mayor's coach of course had already been delivered to the Guildhall from the Museum of London the week before and was looking splendid in its glass coach house by the Guildhall Reception.

A drizzle did not dampen our spirits as we moved towards the entrance to the yard, the Guildhall busy with carnival clad float folk and the ceremonial of the Lord Mayor's Court, as well as the Army, Navy and Air Force with gleaming medals and fine regalia. All was calm and relaxed.

Magog & Gog
Gog & Magog our City giants stood tall and loomed large in the Yard, a gift from the Company of Basket Weavers, ready and waiting for their route march.

We were allowed a great view of the preparation in a barricaded area just off the Ambulatory between the West Wing and the Great Hall. - the dressing of the Waldburg Shires, the arrival of the Pike Men to the beating drums, the Pageantmaster walking (calmly) to and fro, resplendent in his black uniform and black feathered hat.

The previous Lord Mayor arrived following by the new -Roger Gifford. Carriages arrived to collect various dignitaries,  then it was the turn of the Lord Mayor's coach with those fine prancing shires. The Rembrancer gathered the Lord Mayor's court, like she was conducting an orchestra, a semi circle on either side and the Lord Mayor processed to his coach, a cheer, hats up in the air! The Lord Mayor responded leaning out and waving back, at 10.45 prompt he was off!

Please have a look at the complete Album on FaceBook - MissBTakesAWalk.

Two very fine Beadles
The City of London Guides went on to warm up with coffee and cake before venturing out to watch the procession down Gresham Street as it began its journey to St Paul's and then on to The Royal Courts of Justice.
Later that day we took walks north, east, south and west of the City. An excellent turn out and I had a particularly jolly crew. A special thank you to my Riverside walkers.

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