Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Museum of London - Resurrection Men

A busy Thursday for me in the City starting at Simpson's Tavern, no not for a drink but a meeting with the new manager and chef to discuss creating an interesting event or two. Watch this space.

Did a quick walk around the Royal Exchange shops, look very Regency, think I might have to consider doing a 'new shopping desitination' walk combined with history.

The Guildhall Art Gallery was welcoming as always and spent some time in the London Gallery with a student/colleague discussing ceremony and Greek mythology in paintings. I really enjoy describing paintings and the course holds no fears for me, just loving it.

On to the Museum of London to visit the latest exhibition:

'Doctors, Dissection and Ressurrection Men - on going until 14 April 2013.

It is a timed entry, and is two floors down, perhaps appropriate in respect of the subject. The walls are blood red and even the video theatre feels like a operating room with blood red corrugated plastic surround.

The exhibition is brilliant, creepy, squirmy and stomach wrenching on occasion. Interestingly enough it was not the bones, skeletons or the realistic wax models that made me squemish. No, it was the beautifully preserved boxes and caskets of surgical instruments, drills and saws!  You broke a leg you had it sawn off with only alcohol or laudenum to sedate you. Often the patient died of shock!

Well I will say no more. Go and see this incredible exhibition. The body snatchers, the surgeons, the Act of Parliament.  Also the final part is how we feel about leaving our body parts to medicine. I know what I will be doing, how about you?

Also read this, an excellent depiction of the life and times of a body snatcher!

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